Some tips that must be taken before buying an electric car

Nissan LEAF makes it Òeasy to be green,Ó offering the space and range to meet everyday needs, while also providing an exceptional value proposition due to zero spending on gas, lower operating and maintenance costs and a starting price after tax incentives competitive with a comparable gas-powered car.

One of the modern electric cars models

Modern electric cars that you want to buy must include at least a three-phase charger, even if it is available at an additional cost in some cars, you should get it to save time and effort.

 Electric cars are characterized by many advantages such as preserving the environment, low operating costs, maintenance, and no smell of gasoline or diesel, and the absence of any vibration or annoying noise, and one must consider some important criteria before purchasing a modern electric car.

Some important things to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle?

1_How to charge the electric car

Stefan Heimlich, Chairman of the Automobile Club of Europe {ACE}, said that one must know how to charge an electric car, given that the way electric cars are used differs from the models equipped with internal combustion engines in conventional cars.

The German expert explained, “Between 85 and 95 electric cars are charged at home, and there is a small percentage of electric car owners who go to electric charging stations in order to charge the electric car.”

Thus, one who wants to buy an electric car must work to provide the possibility of charging at home or the alternative will be charging at the workplace, even if that cost an additional amount over the original car price and the possibilities of charging electric cars in public places are not available in abundance so far, knowing that Companies are working hard to spread electric charging stations to a large extent

Heimlich added that public charging stations are usually very slow, and high-performance HPC stations on the highways are very expensive.

2_How far the electric car runs

Then the question arises about the type of suitable car that the buyer desires, and the range of travel provided by the battery charge

Heimlich explained, “There is no justification for fear of the range of traffic in most cases, given that most motorists travel 40 km per day, which makes attention to the extent of the traffic be of some kind.”

And when the car is charged during the night, the battery will be full on the next morning, due to leaving the car for a long time in the electric charger.

Small and compact models meet the needs of most of the people who use them, and one has to ask himself about the number of times that travel for long distances, or whether he wants to use electric cars to go on long trips so that he does not fall into trouble due to the car losing its charge And work to solve this problem before going out.

And when you want to use the electric car as a second car at home, in order to commute daily between work and home, as well as moving within cities.

Small models suffice for such purposes; Such as Seat Mii electric car, Skoda Citigo E IV, and Volkswagen E-Up; Typically, such vehicles provide a range of less than 200 km.

Which makes it suitable for some users.

The Renault Zoe, Hyundai Kona Electro and Nissan Leaf are also good alternatives, albeit larger and more expensive than others.

3_Low operating costs for electric cars

Electric cars are characterized by low operating costs, and electric models are always associated with saving costs or working to significantly save costs on users and the environment as well.

Heimlich explained that the operating costs of electric cars are reduced by up to 65%, in addition to that the maintenance costs are much lower than the traditional cars, because the electricity costs are lower than the cost of gasoline and diesel, while cars with fuel cells and electric batteries are available at a high cost, such as the Hyundai Nexo car, And Toyota Mirai.

4_Charging speed in the electric car.

On his part, Thomas Schrenier advises: From the Automobile and Travel Club of Germany (ARCD), to view and inquire about technical data for electric cars

He added: In addition to the battery capacity and capacity, when purchasing electric cars, inquiries about the charging speed should be made. This also includes whether the charging is by AC or direct current, or whether the current is single-phase or three-phase.

Depending on the type of car and its brand, the charger in the electric car may not transfer the electrical current from the home socket to the car fast enough so that the charging speed is reduced from one charger to another.

 In electric cars, alternating current is converted from the electrical network into direct current in order to be stored in the battery in a distinct and rapid manner

In the event that there is a weak charger on board the electric car, the charging capacity may not be fully utilized, whether at home or public power stations.

Therefore, electric cars must include at least a three-phase charger, even if it is available at an additional cost in some cars, so it should be bought so that the buyer avoids running into problems.

As for the fast charging stations on the highways, direct current is flowing here, and therefore the charger on board the electric vehicle does not play any specific role for the car’s charging process.

5_Small electric cars

Even if the small electric cars for cities have a smaller battery and a shorter range, the German expert Schreiner believes that this class of cars makes great sense.

He added, “These types of cars are smaller, more maneuverable, free from harmful emissions, need less electrical current, and are available at a lower cost compared to other cars,” he added.

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