How do modern electric cars work?

Modern cars rely heavily on electrical energy to carry out all tasks, as energy is stored inside special batteries in the car by connecting it to the electrical network and the electric car system consists of three parts

 One of them is the batteries mentioned above, in addition to the electric motor with current and the control unit, which is directly connected to the throttle inside the cabin, as the throttle in an electric car actually consists of a variable resistance that sends an electrical signal to the system in the car at the rate of the amount of pressure applied to it, so that the control system sends energy Electrical crisis to the engine and control its speed according to the required amount

First – What are the advantages of modern electric cars?

       Electric cars have some characteristics that set them apart from other cars.

1- Environmentally friendly, electric cars do not produce smoke that strikes the environment.

2 _ Very economical compared to other cars.

3 _ The possibility of recycling batteries used to store energy in electric cars.

4_ The electric car motors have a strong and immediate rotation, in addition to soft and quiet acceleration.

5_ The  ability to charge it normally at home.

 6 _ The fast charging feature is available, as the car is fully charged within approximately 30 minutes.

7_ Quiet, so it does not cause noise, noise and loud sounds.

The electric car has many characteristics that distinguish it from other types of cars

 The electric energy produced by wind turbines, solar energy, or any of the clean energy sources must be used, in order to achieve the condition of zero emissions. Efficiency: The electric car engines are distinguished from their counterparts from other cars, especially those that run on gasoline fuel, with higher operational efficiency of up to 80%, as internal combustion engines generate approximately 70% of their energy in the form of heat. Performance: The electric car has higher performance than other engines, as it produces high torque at low revs. Maintenance: Due to the simplicity of the electric car components, it needs simpler maintenance than that of internal combustion cars, and thus has a lower cost.

 Second – What are the disadvantages of modern electric cars?

1_ The  short distance traveled by most electric cars, as the distance traveled

       Between 100 and 160 km.

2 _ The length of time required to charge the car when comparing it to the types of cars.

3- The multiplicity of its chargers, which limits the availability of them.

4 _ The high manufacturing cost compared to the types of cars.

 Third – What are the basic parts of electric cars?

1 _ Electric motor.

2_ The current transformer converts the direct current from the batteries into AC power to operate

      The engine.

3 _ Batteries and charging port.

4 _ Battery charger.

5_ Power control unit.

6 _ Cooling system.

7 _ Electric transmission.

What is the working principle of the electric vehicle engine

The electric car contains an electric motor, which works on the principle of repulsion between the poles of the similar magnets, as the motor is mainly composed of a moving magnet and another fixed magnet. In the Arctic, which results in a continuous rotor rotation.

Components of an electric vehicle system

The system responsible for moving the electric vehicle consists of three main parts that are no less important than one another.

First – the car engine, the electric motor is connected to a variable resistance that controls the amount of energy coming to the engine, so that the variable resistance is connected to the pedal inside the car and then sends an electrical signal to the control unit with the rate of the amount of pressure on the pedal.

Second – The control unit: The control unit is located between the electric motor and the batteries’ location. It controls the amount of electrical energy supplied to the electric motor based on the electrical signal connected to it through the variable resistance.

Fourth – Batteries: They are the ones that form the source of energy connecting to the electric motor, which are charged within a period of four hours. The batteries also offer voltage ranging from 97 to 193 volts.

How to maintain the car’s engine?

The car engine can be preserved by reducing its warming up, by applying an appropriate amount of coolant circulating as the fluid works and circulates through the engine when the temperature is regulated.

 The engine is getting hot and needs to be cooled, then the water pump draws the coolant from the radiator and directs it towards the engine, then returns it to the radiator to cool down again.

You can check the coolant level in the car by following the following steps

 Open the hood.

Looking at the fluid reservoir to check for a green or orange coolant.

Ensure that the fluid level is above the minimum and below the maximum.

 Knowing all the information about the car from the ways through which the car can be maintained is knowing the details that are related to it by browsing the owner’s manual that is obtained when purchasing it. This guide helps to identify the characteristics of the car and ways to maintain the cars

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