History Electric cars

The first electric car emerged during the eighties of the nineteenth century, and it won the admiration of people in the United States and Americans in the late nineteenth century AD drove more electric cars than they drove from internal combustion cars, but with the beginning of the twentieth century AD, internal combustion cars became more powerful, 

and of Better performance than before, as their need for refueling weakened, and they became less expensive than electric cars, so electric cars completely disappeared by the end of the twenties of the twentieth century AD.

Concern about environmental pollution increased in life during the 1960’s. Also worried by some, and even many, about the continuous decrease in oil supplies, which led to interest in electric cars. In the seventies of the twentieth century, a limited number of electric cars began to be produced. Its sales remained somewhat low due to its high price, limited range and poor performance. The inability to produce an inexpensive, economical, strong and rather lightweight battery put restrictions on the success and distinction of this car. 

My test of electric cars, these cars have all the components of an electric car in addition to an internal combustion machine that can be used to recharge the batteries in the sense that the dynamo works, or in the running of the vehicle. And in the late eighties of the twentieth century AD, the most technically advanced electric car appeared, the Senreser car developed by the General Motors Corporation. In this test car, solar energy is used to recharge the internal battery

Date from 1831 to 1900.

Electric vehicle designs are one of the oldest designs for small cars where electric cars (diesel engine) and Benz (gasoline engine) use equipped cars. Between 1830 and 1838, a Scottish businessman invented the first electric transmission device from Groningen, Holland, designed – on a lower level a car, built by his assistant in 1834.

The history of electric buses goes back to the year 1834, when the American Thomas invented a transport trolley running on a railroad with an electric motor fed from a large storage vehicle on board the designed vehicle. 

This idea was later developed and established in 1958 on the basis of three lines in London, and other lines followed. With the invention of the generator, Andrew invented in 1870 a way to feed the tram with electrical energy through feeding, and lines were established in Seattle and San Francisco, and in Berlin, the first electric buses appeared in 1876 and were traveling at a speed of 13 km per hour and fed with a current of 160 volts. However, 

the first commercial electric bus was produced by the British company Siemens.

Electric cars work

Electric cars are completely dependent on electric energy in a large way to carry out all tasks, as that energy is stored in batteries, by connecting it to the electrical network, and the electric car system consists of parts; One of them is the batteries, in addition to the electric motor, and the control unit that is directly connected to the throttle. The throttle of an electric car is actually made up of a resistance, and an electrical signal is sent to the autonomous control system, by the amount of pressure on it, so that the control system sends the electrical energy to the electric motor And control its speed as required

Electric cars have advantages, we mention them

Electric cars have some characteristics that distinguish them from their counterparts from other cars, environmentally friendly; Electric cars do not produce emissions or their radiation harmful to the environment. Relatively economical, compared to others, to recycle batteries used to store energy in electric cars. The electric car’s motors have a strong and effective rotation, in addition to the soft acceleration, the ability to charge it again naturally. It provides fast charging, as the car can be charged, within about half an hour soft, so it does not cause noise

Electric cars have some drawbacks

Distance tightness by most electric cars; Where the distance ranges between 100 to 160 km. The length of time required to charge the car, when compared to other types of cars. Multiple designs of chargers, which reduces the availability of chargers, a high manufacturing cost, compared to different types of cars

Components of an electric vehicle

Firstly, the electric motor, secondly, the current transformer converts the current from the batteries into AC power to run the motor, the batteries, and the charging input, the battery charger, the power control unit, the cooling system, the electric transmission

The fastest electric car

Tesla car

Tesla electric car took first place in the list of fastest cars in the world, along with each of my cars, with a time of 1.3 to reach a speed of 1000 km / h

Revive the economy

In an attempt to reduce the negative economic effects of the spread of Corona, international organizations and various governments have sought to adopt a set of expansionary economic policies in the form of grants and loans, as well as increasing government spending, expanding tax exemptions and lower interest rates.

 The International Monetary Fund announced the availability of $ 51 billion through financing facilities aimed at helping low-income countries and emerging markets in their efforts to contain the negative economic impacts resulting from the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, many governments and central banks in developed countries announced a set of different policies that would provide financial liquidity for companies and individuals affected by the spread of the virus.

 for example? The British government has made available a financial package of 31 billion pounds plus a guarantee of 81% Corona

In the United States of America: President Donald Trump announced while in office a plan to stimulate the economy of the equivalent of a trillion US dollars, and to disburse cash to help American citizens during the global Corona crisis.

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