96.1 Million Gasoline cars could easily translate to 96.1 million Eco friendly cars with CZero.

Electric cars

In 2016, 96.1 billion cars were produced globally; this staggering figure is not to be compared to the dismal equivalent of electric eco friendly cars produced in the same year. But don’t we all love the environment? Hold that thought. Which cars are our environmental champions driving? Needless to say, there must be a big issue with the mass adoption of eco friendly cars; else the uptake would have been far much greater.

So where is the problem?

Many environment loving car owners have been prohibited from dipping their toes in the electric car space due to exorbitant purchase costs of electric cars. A modest Tesla for example can cost you a whopping $100,000 thereabout. Cheaper versions such as the Nissan Leaf cost about $ 30,000. In all honesty, this is still high for the average car owner. But that’s not all there is to car ownership. Gasoline cars are known guzzlers. It actually costs half as much to power an electric vehicle. With a dollar, you can comfortably power an EV. 

More than that, the maintenance of electric cars is significantly cheaper. This is because EVs don’t require all the moving parts that gasoline cars do; oil, fan belts, air filters, timing belts, head gaskets, cylinder heads and spark plugs are among the things to be struck off the monthly car maintenance list. Thus, keeping an electric car running costs less when compared to gasoline automobiles.

The Zero advantage

In March of 2017, the founders of CZero drove a Tesla on one of their client visits to the USA, and they were convinced that the time had come to cut through all barriers to make electric cars accessible in India and South East Asia. The first problem to tackle was of course mass affordability. This they did by coming up with the EV upgrade kit. With this, car owners can “upgrade” their gasoline guzzlers to eco friendly electric cars. 

This is definitely the real disruptive force that will see all the car owners rushing in. If the cost of purchase is negligible and the cost of maintenance is way cheaper, why not upgrade? This is not mentioning the positive environmental impact which will also be a big pull factor.

But they did not stop at that. CZero also wanted to motivate the environmental conservation efforts of their users by rewarding them.

The facts:

About 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is produced when a gallon of gasoline is burnt. A traditional car travels 20 miles per gallon, hence per mile, it generates 1 pound of carbon dioxide. Electric vehicles consume approximately 0.2 kwh electricity per mile. Hence an electric vehicle saves 1 pound of carbon by using 0.2 kwh of electricity, costing around 2.4 cents in the USA (Avg cost is 12 cent per kwh). 

CZERO token is pegged to 100 pounds of CO2 savings or per 100 mile travel. Hence one CZERO token is as valuable as 2.4 cent x 100 = $2.4 USD.

The life of an electric vehicle is approximately 20 years. An average young American male drives approximately 15000 miles a year. CZERO has a difficulty factor of 0.95, i.e. every year. This means that a user will receive up to 95%/ year. In the lifetime of a car, the owner earns 1900 tokens which is approximately $4600 USD!

Team CZero consists of experts having decades of experience in the EV and entrepreneurship space. They are giving potential investors a chance to tap into this promising venture by taking part in the CZero token sale which starts on 15th May, 2018. At the pre-ICO, investors will get up to 75% discount.

CZero هي بالتأكيد خطوة في الاتجاه الصحيح للصناعة التي تقدر بمليارات الدولارات.

Environmentally Friendly Car Guide! #infographic

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