Australia is hit by ‘biblical’ rodent plague: Millions of mice and rats invade rural towns with one supermarket catching 500 a NIGHT, hospital patients bitten and fears poisoned carcasses could infect drinking water

Swarms of mice are infesting rural towns in Australia after its bumper grain harvest and destroying crops as the country continues to battle its out-of-control rodent plague.

Residents in New South Wales and southern Queensland have seen an explosion of mice in recent months with the rodents invading homes, fields and grain silos and some residents spotting the rodents in their water supplies. 

Experts claim the plague is due to the recent heavy summer rains across eastern Australia which hit the country earlier after years of drought. 

The shocking scenes come after three hospital patients were bitten by the creatures at facilities in Tottenham, Walgett and Gulargambone, NSW Health confirmed.   

A plague of mice are infesting towns in New South Wales and southern Queensland in Australia  after the recent heavy summer rains.

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